Dr_Turner_list          s-douglas-patterson

Michael C. Turner
BA, Lipscomb University
MS, Amridge University
DO, University of Osteopathic
Medicine and Health Science


S. Douglas Patterson
Vice President of
Academic Affairs
BS, MEd, Auburn University
EdD, University of Illinois 

LainaTurnerList    lee-taylor

Laina Costanza
Vice President
Student Affairs

BS, David Lipscomb University
MS, Amridge University


Lee Taylor
Vice President of
Institutional Research and
Instructional Design/Development
BA, Mississippi State University
MEd, University of South Alabama
PhD, University of South Alabama

 RodneyCloud   jerrymartin

Dr. Rodney Cloud
Turner School of Theology
BA, Lipscomb University
MA, Harding School of Theology
MA, George Peabody College of 
Vanderbilt University
PhD, Hebrew Union College


Dr. Jerry Martin
School of Human Services
BA, MS, PhD, Amridge University

KenyettaMcCurtyList    RogerShepherdList
Dr. Kenyetta McCurty

College of Business
BBA, MBA, PhD, Jackson State

Dr. Roger Shepherd
College of General Studies
AA, East Tennessee School of Preaching
BA, Heritage Christian University
MA, Lipscomb University
DMiss, Fuller Theological Seminary