Ministry U Training Camp

This year’s Ministry U: Young Preacher’s Training Camp is scheduled for July 6 – 13, 2014.  Amridge University conducts camps to train young preachers ages 13-18 under the direction of Dr. Roger Shepherd, Dean of College of General Studies. There is a name change for the camp – MINISTRY U, Young Preacher’s Camp. What is the significant meaning? The new name emphasizes the broader spectrum of preaching with emphasis on preaching and ministry in the present time. Campers will be trained in hands-on-ministry identifying with local churches and preachers in the Montgomery area. We have decided that these young men are preaching and ministering in local churches now, not the distant future. It is time for the church to recognize the amazing abilities of our young preachers. Ministry U has a unique focus!  Fill out a camp application and release form today!

FOCUS:  The university and camp staff really desires to make a difference in the lives and training of young preachers equipping them to minister in the local church. These young men can do the preaching and ministry for the fifty percent of our 13,000 congregations that don’t have funds to hire a full-time preacher. Therefore, we are looking to recruit young men of Christian character and quality for ministry and evangelism to be practiced in the present time. This type of camp has always, since its conception in 1972, emphasized recruiting young men who sincerely aspire to preach the Gospel of Christ to the lost of the present day. This we seek to restore using the biblical pillars of ministry.

FIVE PILLARS OF MINISTRY U: Ministry is the ability to serve others with a practical faith in a ministration of spiritual and physical needs of one another in the church and community.  Paul instructed young preachers to “do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry” (II Timothy 4:5). Churches and universities that train preachers have the task given by Christ to equip young men to do “the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12). Amridge University has a unique way of doing this starting with young men as early as thirteen years old. We believe that the following five pillars of ministry can be equipped in the same young man:
1.      Equipping to Preach
2.      Equipping to Serve
3.      Equipping to Evangelize
4.      Equipping to Worship
5.      Equipping to Lead

A CALL TO MINISTRY: The minister is a new creation of God by the blood of Christ, the water, and the word. He is a new creation being born into the body of Christ by the blood of Christ like everyone else in the local church.  He contacts the blood in the water of baptism like all believers in being called to minister or to serve humanity through Jesus Christ (Acts 22:16; Rev. 1:5). The pulpit ministers are men with fifty-seven percent between the ages thirty and forty-nine (Douglas Foster, Ministers at the Millennium:  A Survey of Preachers in Churches of Christ, 36-37). He is guided into a life of service or ministry by the word of God (I Thessalonians 2:13). Therefore, he is an ordinary person serving God in the body of Christ. Ministry is a gift of God, but is a calling to which one must respond. God is now calling young men into a life of service or ministry in the local church (I Thessalonians 2:13). Therefore, he is an ordinary person serving God in the body of Christ. It is a great time to be a young preacher!  Read more about the History of Ministry U

MINISTRY U:  The Young Preacher’s Training Camp is scheduled for July 6 – 13, 2014. The campers will be trained according to college guidelines for homiletics in order to prepare and deliver a ten-twelve minute sermon. They will also be trained in other aspects of sermon preparation, practical ministry in various areas of local church work, evangelism, and missions. They will return home ready to minister in the present time. The camp will address the current ministry needs for the selected young men. The camp is limited to twenty-five campers.

Dr. Roger Shepherd
Camp Director
Dean College of General Studies

Mail the Completed Form to:
Campers are required to fill out a camp application and release form.
Amridge University
c/o Dr. Roger Shepherd
1200 Taylor Road
Montgomery, AL 36117