Ministry U History


The first idea of a camp for future preachers was launched by Dr. Rodney Cloud and the elders of the Pennington Bend Church of Christ at Nashville, Tennessee in 1971.  Dr. Cloud is at the present time dean of the Turner School of Theology at Amridge University.  He is still a great influence and encouragement to young men who aspire to preach the gospel of Christ.  Dr. Roger Shepherd has thirty-one years’ experience in teaching and directing such camps within the United States and Tanzania, South Africa.  He directed the first annual camp for young men ages 13-18 who want to be evangelists and preachers on the university campus.  Fill out a camp application and release form today!

The purpose of this camp is to introduce interested young Christian men to the life and work of a gospel preacher.  The week is filled with activities designed to strengthen and encourage those who qualify for our camp. There are daily Bible studies, with a great deal of time given to sermon preparation and delivery.  One of our best classes is spoken English and the young men really enjoy this daily session.  Guest speakers are invited to enlighten and challenge the campers.  The campers learn about local church work, evangelism, missions, leadership, and the significance of daily Christian living.  Interested gospel preachers will visit the camp each day to teach and inspire.  There are field trips and recreational activities daily.

The campers remain under strict supervision for the entire week.  They are expected to dress and conduct themselves in a manner of life that is becoming and appropriate for gospel preachers.  We emphasize cleanness of body as well as purity of life. View the camp application and release form.

Parents and campers usually ask, “What is in this for me?”  The campers receive the greatest teaching of any camp setting because of the one-on-one instruction and fellowship.  I encourage you to carefully evaluate the following benefits of a camp for future preaches:

1.      Edification from the Word of God.

2.      Fellowship and friendship with the finest young men in the brotherhood.

3.      A great faith builder:  “It is easier to build boys than restore (mend) men.”

4.      Evangelism skills:  the opportunity to share your faith with the lost.

5.      Leadership skills:  develop the leader within you.

6.      Public speaking skills with emphasis on preaching the Bible.

7.      Increase your spirituality.

8.      Study skills:  how to study the Bible.

9.      How to have a personal relationship with God.

10.  Faithfulness to the Lord.

It thrills us at the university to know that by these young men, lost souls will be led to Jesus Christ.  It is a joy to provide this camp for these future preachers of the Gospel of Christ.