Student Services

Online resources are invaluable to your academic career here at Amridge. Your courses are delivered online and you will need to access resources through our available technologies. These resources will help you understand how to access the services available to you. These services will help you with our library resources at the undergraduate and graduate level, direct you on accessing your classes in Blackboard and other technologies, as well as introduce you to our tutorial program Smart Thinking.

The following videos may also provide more information on Amridge University and the services we offer:


Amridge Programs of Study

Undergraduate – Tour of a Distance Learning Course

Graduate – Tour of a Distance Learning Course

What it takes to be a successful Distance Learner

Academic Success at Amridge University

Advisement and the Academic Evaluation

Interaction between Students and Faculty

Registering, Adding and Dropping

Overview of Student Services

Black Board and Technology

Orientation to Library Services

Introduction of Faculty: College of Business and Leadership

Introduction of Faculty: College of General Studies

Introduction of Faculty: School of Human Services

Introduction of Faculty: Turner School of Theology

Degree Related Professional Organizations

Using Your Military Benefits