Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student; how do I get started with my courses?

When you log in to Blackboard, you will be directed to your main Blackboard page, referred to as your “My Amridge” page.  This page will show a link for each course in which you have enrolled.  Access each of your courses and locate your course syllabus.  The syllabus is located under the “Syllabus” button.  It is recommended that you print a copy and read all the information carefully.  The syllabus details all of your course requirements as well as other important information concerning Amridge University.

How do I log attendance in my Blackboard courses?

Access dates and times, as well as all content areas, are automatically tracked by the Blackboard portal as you progress with your studies.

I’ve registered for the next semester, but where do I find out about the textbooks that we will be using?

We work through a company named MBS to provide students with class textbooks.  You may contact MBS to find which textbooks will be used for the next semester by clicking the link below or you can simply call the toll free telephone number at 800.325.3252. Click the link below to be taken directly to the MBS home page:

What are the benefits of using MBS?

MBS provides a convenient service for students to do one-stop shopping for all their course materials.  Unlike many other bookstores, MBS actively tries to stock the titles that the University specifies, allowing for a more timely delivery of materials to students.  Finally, MBS has a buyback program where students can return their books for money at the end of the semester. Other bookstores do not necessarily have this option. 

I don’t see my textbooks at the MBS site. Now what?

It may be that class information was recently submitted to the MBS inventory and that the books have not arrived yet.  In this instance, you may contact your advisor to find out what materials are being used for your courses. 

I’m not getting into the Amridge University Virtual Library System, or it’s giving password prompts when it shouldn’t.

Your problem may be caused by one or more of the following: You may be using Internet Explorer (IE).  If you are using IE, then in your browser, go under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites (at the bottom of the pane).  In the screen that comes up, “” should show up in the big box with the settings “Always Allow.”  If not, follow the prompts and add it to your list of sites that should be allowed. Additional access problems may include (1) You are using an old version of Windows, such as Win98.  If this is causing you problems, you might want to consider updating to Windows XP or higher; or (2) You are behind a firewall that is set too strictly.  Adjust the settings of your firewall.  For additional Technical Support call 1.800.351.4040, Ext 7526 or Ext 7551.

If I have a question about my grade, whom do I contact?

You will need to contact your instructor directly.  Your instructor’s information is found within your Blackboard course inside the course syllabus.

Whom do I contact when I am having technical difficulties?

Contact Technical Support for help with the Blackboard system, online courses, video and audio streaming by telephone Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (CST) or Friday 8:30 am to 12:00 noon (CST) or by email at this address: Call 1.800.351.4040 Ext 757545 or 7551 or by sending an email

How do I contact my instructor when I have a problem taking a quiz?

Within your Syllabus, you will find your instructor’s telephone number and his or her email address.  Your instructor will contact you upon receiving your question and will either guide you to a solution or contact the Course Administrator for assistance.

Whom do I contact when I am having problems contacting my professor(s)?

Send an email to

I was completing a quiz and by accident hit the submit button before I had answered all the questions. Will my grade be based upon my mistake or is there a procedure to let me complete the quiz?

Contact your instructor, and he or she will be able to reset the quiz for you.

As a graduate student, working towards a master’s or doctorate, what happens if I miss a class that streamed live?

Live classes are recorded. Whether you attend live or not, you will have access to the recorded session. If you have questions or need clarification after viewing a recorded session, you can contact your instructor via email.

I can’t attend class sessions during the scheduled class time. How do I access the recording of the class session?

Desktop Viewing:  Go to your Blackboard Course > Web Links > Collaboration.  

iPad or Mobile Device: Go to your Blackboard Course > Collaborate Mobile Links

I will be attending a residency course in Montgomery. Does the university provide housing?

Amridge University does not provide housing for students who come to campus for a residency course.  Students may stay in a number of nearby hotels.

I will be attending a residency course on the Montgomery campus. Where is the university located?

Amridge University is located off of the Taylor Road Exit of I-85.  From I-85 Northbound, exit at the Taylor Road exit and turn left at the end of the exit ramp onto Taylor Road.  Amridge University will be the first location you will see on the left.  If you are coming to the university from I-85 Southbound, exit at the Taylor Road exit and turn right at the end of the exit ramp onto Taylor Road.  The University will be immediately on the left side of the road.

How can I secure a copy of my academic transcript?

The university has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse.  It’s free to register, and you can securely order, pay, and track orders online, 24/7.

Get started now on our secure student portal – myAmridge Transcript